for California Governor

California is a mess — it's too expensive, our teachers are underpaid, and our schools aren't good enough.

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Let's Move California Forward

0% State Tax

We can cut taxes to 0% from 16% and drive growth which will increase the state's revenue from $150B to $300B.

$70,000 Teacher Salary

Our most valuable resource is education. Teachers deserve a minimum of $70k to educate our future.

Global Center for Tech & Climate Jobs

Technological innovation is crucial to creating change. 

Let's make California the global center of all tech & climate jobs by realigning our incentives rather than pushing them away.

Free School Vouchers

We'll give students a free voucher to pick any school they want to attend.

Education is a human right and our children should be able to choose where they receive it.

No Student Loans

We have over 1.6 TRILLION dollars of student debt.

The ISA model realigns the incentives of universities & students.

CA will guarantee ISAs so you don’t have to get student loans ever again.

$2,000 for Every New Child Born in CA

If we want California to remain as the technological hub of the world, we have to encourage more people to settle down & live here.